The ''APEC 2007 Annual Conference of APEC Centres'' was in two parts, the first being the APEC Centres Symposium and the second being the Business Program.

APEC Centres Symposium content

  • April 18, am + pm

  • S1.1.  Is an APEC FTA Feasible?
  • S1.2.  Gains from Trade Facilitation
  • S1.3 & S1.4.  Shaping APEC (parallel sessions)
  • S1.5.  Secure Trade (terrorism)
  • April 19, am

  • S1.6.  Intellectual Property and Innovation
  • S1.7.  Ageing Populations in APEC – Impacts on Pensions
  • S1.8.  The Threat to Human Health in APEC

Business Program content

  • April 19, pm

  • S2.1.  Asian Growth – Risks and Forecasts
  • S2.2.  Energy and Climate Change in APEC
  • S2.3.  Carbon Market and Emissions Trading
  • April 20, am

  • S2.4.  Global Imbalances in Financial Flows
  • S2.5.  Can the Asia-Pacific Region Adjust?
  • S2.6.  China 's Impact on the Global Economy

Social events

  • April18

  • Luncheon with Keynote address
  • Cocktail Reception
  • April 19

  • Luncheon with Keynote address
  • Conference Dinner with Keynote address
  • April 20

  • Luncheon

For a full conference program click here.