Conferences, Lectures and Dialogues

The Australian APEC Study Centre conducts conferences, lectures, symposia and dialogues to increase communications and exchange information and ideas between Government, the private sector and academia on matters including trade, finance and the environment. The Centre also plays a leading role in the international consortium of APEC Study Centres which meets annually, and delivers the APEC Lecture series. Most programs take place in Melbourne, unless otherwise stated.

APEC Conference 2011 - Is Australia managing?
Melbourne, Australia   2011-11-17

Asia Pacific Infrastructure Partnership (APIP)
Various Locations   2010-2014

Public Private Partnerships Forum and Workshop
Melbourne, Australia   2010-02

Seoul Roundtable Meeting 2009
Seoul, South Korea   2009-10

2008 APEC Study Cente Consortium Conference
Piura and Tumbes, Peru   2008-06

Asia-Pacific Regulators' & Industry Dialogue
Melbourne, Australia   2008-03

Monash APEC Lecture 2007
Melbourne, Australia   2007-04

2007 APEC Study Centre Consortium Conference
Melbourne, Australia   2007-04

APEC Study Centre Network Preliminary Conference
Melbourne, Australia   2006-12

Monash APEC Lecture 2006
Melbourne, Australia   2006-12

Monash APEC Lecture 2005
Melbourne, Australia   2005-11

Australia Malaysia Free Trade Agreement
Melbourne, Australia   2005-03

China - Australia Free Trade Agreement
Sydney, Australia   2004-08