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Mayoral Gutierrez Brenda Natali

Business Name: Solar Clarion

Business Website:

Business Sector: Commercial

We would like to access international markets because we want to expand our company, we already get a contractor’s licence in Las Vegas, Nevada, but, didn’t run it yet. Also, because we import all our equipment we need for our job.


Aline Moch Islas

Business Name: Camino21

Business Website:

Business Sector: Education - EdTech - HigherEducation

We would like to access international markets because Camino21 focuses on solving the problem of the lack of initial and in-services teacher training in higher education in Mexico and Latam. Camino21 plans to become a leading faculty professional development provider not only in Latam but all APEC’s region, and a key player in transforming the education system, becoming the benchmark in educational innovation.

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