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Brenda Natali Mayoral Gutierrez

Business Name: Solar Clarion

Business Website:

Business Sector: Commercial

What do you think of the APEC Women’s Business Activator program?

I remember we received an invitation to join for the program, and I thought, could be for me? And just took the chance filling the quizz, and when I got the message acepted my place, I can´t believe it! I Still having this sensation, so emotional, I am so happy to be in, to share with all of strong bussiness woman and so grateful to learn; receive this tools allow me to see all the opportunities we have. What I expect, is be prepared to apply all this knowledgement in our bussiness and start to sell in the Global Market.

Aline Moch Islas

Business Name: Camino21

Business Website:

Business Sector: Education - EdTech - HigherEducation

What do you think of the APEC Women’s Business Activator program?

Participating in the APEC Women's Business Activator Program is an exhilarating prospect for me. My expectations are centered around gaining invaluable insights into global business dynamics, fostering meaningful connections with fellow women leaders, and honing leadership skills crucial for navigating diverse markets. I anticipate a transformative 

experience that will equip me with the knowledge and tools to contribute effectively to Camino21's global mission.


My primary goal in joining the APEC WBAP is to leverage the program's resources to further position Camino21 in APEC countries, specifically targeting Latin American nations like Peru. I aim to enhance our outreach and impact, aligning with our mission to revolutionize postsecondary education through innovative EdTech solutions. By the end of the program, I aspire to have refined leadership capabilities, a strategic vision for global expansion, and a network of empowered women collaborators who share a commitment to breaking down barriers in business.

Camino21's journey is deeply rooted in addressing critical challenges within Latin American education. With a focus on improving postsecondary teaching through micro-credentials, we bridge the gap between traditional curricula and the evolving needs of the job market. Our recent recognition with the UNESCO-ICHEI Innovation in Digitalizing Higher Education Award underscores the impact we've had on over 25 institutions across Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Chile. This acknowledgment not only celebrates our past achievements but also sets a compelling precedent for the future of education innovation.

The APEC WBAP aligns seamlessly with Camino21's ethos, providing a platform to amplify our mission on an international scale. As the COO, I am eager to bring these experiences back to our team, contributing to our ongoing commitment to shaping the future of education in the Latin American region and beyond.

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