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Dr Hai Anh La

This project will map the network of financial inter dependencies in Asia and produce new insights regarding the transmission of financial crises among Asian financial institutions. 

Economy: Vietnam

Partnering Australian Institution: Australian National University

Project Title: Understanding financial shock transmission: The network approach' Financial interdependence and Financial shock transmission is a new research area highlighted by policy makers since the global financial crisis.

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Project Outline:


Financial interdependence and Financial shock transmission is a new research area highlighted by policy makers since the global financial crisis.

Reasons for applying for fellowship:

This fellowship provides me with an opportunity to gain broad research experience from Australian scholars and gives me valuable time to concentrate on doing a serious academic research. This opportunity also makes it easier to produce a good paper via strong institutional collaborations, and sufficient time frames to finish and publish papers. 

Past Achievements:

Hai Anh has worked on many research projects including work with the International Development Research Centre in Canada, and the UNDP on the project ·Mitigating the Impact of Fossil Fuel Price Reform -A Focus on Impact on the Poor and Vulnerable and Impact on Inflation". For UNCTAD she worked on a project entitled "Household Welfare and Pricing of Rice in Vietnam: Does Being the World's Biggest Rice Exporter Matter?" Hai Anh has previously worked with the World Bank to produce an economic research project on fiscal decentralization in Vietnam. For her performance in this project she was described by the project lead as "simply one of the most outstanding professionals that I have worked with over the past 15 years".  

She also worked on the framework of the large scale European project NOPOOR which gathered 20 academic and research institutions in the world. Hai Anh was in charge of the program on governance in Vietnam where she investigated the hypothesis that better participation of the poor together with improved governance through more transparency and better practices can contribute to reduce poverty. She has co-authored several papers on this issue (now under revision), headed the research team and represented the Vietnamese partner at the 2013 General Assembly of the project held in Brazil.  

Hai Anh La received her Doctorate of Philosophy from the Australian National University (ANU). She has a Master's of Development Economics which incorporated participation in the Vietnam-­Netherlands Project, as well as an extensive number of publications in research papers, book chapters and journal articles. 

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