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The Australian APEC Study Centre (AASC) is a regional centre for excellence in APEC related trade and development issues and policy.  


We are Australia’s APEC voice.  



We champion Australia’s interests across the Asia Pacific, while appreciating that increased trade and development within the region improves prosperity overall. 


We educate, advise and collaborate on Australia’s APEC priorities to influence better economic outcomes for all people working and living in the Asia Pacific region, including those most disadvantaged. 


This includes: 

  • Promoting research on key regional economic issues and translating this into practical and creative solutions. 

  • Participating in official APEC meetings, using our knowledge and expertise to influence the strategy of policy makers. 

  • Building capacity of people within APEC economies through skill development and training so that those across the region can prosper from free trade opportunities. 

  • Consulting with industry to ensure Australia’s business interests are taken into consideration at a regional level. 


Working with policy makers, business leaders and governments in Australia and the Asia Pacific, we aim to make the world a more equitable and prosperous place for everyone.  

In partnership with RMIT University 

As a global university, RMIT has a significant presence in the Asia Pacific, including two campuses and a language centre in Vietnam, and partner programs in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia. RMIT shares our commitment to making global work and our passion for positively contributing to the Asia Pacific. We are located at RMIT’s Melbourne City campus. 

Explore more about us:

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