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Address by Dr Craig Emerson to Australia-China Economic Trade & Investment Expo (ACETIE) 2023 Main Forum

By Dr Craig Emerson

Dr Craig Emerson, Director, Australian APEC Study Centre, RMIT University address at the Australia-China Economic Trade & Investment Expo (ACETIE) 2023 Main Forum in Melbourne on 15 September 2023.



APEC can be the hope of the free trade side in Asia

By Dr Craig Emerson

The US and China don’t want to be in the same regional trade grouping. But a free-trade area of the Asia-Pacific offers an inclusive approach that pushes back against the creation of rival trading blocs.

The US-China trade war has triggered the start of a decoupling process between the two superpowers that is spreading to countries aligned with them. Reputable middle powers such as Australia must resist, and instead work on new approaches to liberalising regional and global trade.


EGL Charting a Pathway Thumbnail.jpg

Charting a Pathway for Open Trade in Environmental Goods

By Kristen Bondietti

Environmental goods are becoming more important as the region shifts toward climate transition. Trade is growing, technologies are advancing and new products and industries are emerging. But what exactly is an ‘environmental good’?


What measures are impacting on supply chains for these goods?  What can be done to help make trade more open and encourage their adoption in future?


Trade in a turbulent time  towards a sustainable trade future (002).jpg

Trade in a turbulent time - towards a sustainable trade future

By Kristen Bondietti

At a turbulent time for trade, geopolitical tensions are driving policy fragmentation. Trade and investment patterns are shifting in response to economic changes. Supply chains are demanding more competitive services inputs.

Yet economic integration, not fragmentation, will continue to underpin future prosperity in the region. Australia and New Zealand can build on their strong Trans-Tasman relationship to help make the case for economic openness and cooperation through thought leadership and policy innovation.


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Promoting open trade in environmental goods - can trade agreements help?

By Kristen Bondietti

APEC’s trade in environmental goods is growing, creating new opportunities to expand exports and meet emissions reduction targets. But trade could be bigger. Barriers could be lower. Regulatory frameworks could be better. Can trade agreements help?



Climate Action in the APEC Region

The Australian APEC Study Centre

Climate change is an international crisis requiring concerted action at every level. While domestic policies and international commitments to reduce greenhouse emissions are crucial, there is significant scope for regional co-operation on climate issues.


APEC Leaders Pic 2020.jpg

Statement by Dr Craig Emerson, Director of Australian APEC Study Centre, RMIT

By Dr Craig Emerson

Encouragingly strong Leaders’ support for APEC and free trade - the highlights of the 2020 APEC Leaders' Declaration and the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040.



UK knocks on APEC’s door

By Kristen Bondietti

The region to trade in - why the UK is actively seeking closer trade ties with the Asia Pacific.


APEC in a post-pandemic world.jpg

APEC in a post-pandemic world

By Dr Craig Emerson

A pandemic worse than the world has experienced in more than a century will change almost everything. 



The Digital Economy Partnership Agreement – A big deal for digital trade

By Kristen Bondietti

The Digital Economy Partnership Agreement (DEPA) was concluded among three APEC economies – New Zealand, Singapore and Chile - in January of this year. It was easily missed in the turbulence of the current trade environment. It should not be.



Where is APEC heading?

By Dr Craig Emerson

Following the unfortunate but understandable cancellation of the APEC leaders’ meeting in Santiago, work has begun on carrying over the best ideas for Chile’s host year of 2019 into Malaysia’s hosting of APEC 2020.



Towards a free trade area of the Asia Pacific

By Dr Craig Emerson

The agreement in early November of 15 nations to a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) can be a big step towards achieving the APEC dream of a Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP).


Kristen Article Image.jpg

Will RCEP be worth the wait?

By Kristen Bondietti

Will the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) be concluded this year? It’s about time RCEP was wrapped up – negotiations have been running for seven years now. But just what will be concluded? What will RCEP be?

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