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Julianne Merriman - APEC Senior Official and Assistant Secretary, Multilateral Economic Branch, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia
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Following 2.5 years of leading DFAT’s Competitiveness and Business Engagement Branch and State office Network, progressing the Department’s revamped Economic and Commercial Diplomacy Agenda and trade and investment opportunities for Australian business, Julianne now runs DFAT’s Multilateral Economic Branch.  

In her current role Julianne leads the Department’s engagement in APEC, G20 and OECD and is focussed on leveraging her deep experience with business across Asia – built through ten-plus years experience as Trade Commissioner in the high priority trade and investment markets of Japan, Indonesia and Thailand - to strengthen Australia’s collective voice in these important multilateral forums.   As a key component of her role, Julianne is progressing important stakeholder relationships and garnering commercial insight to push for reform of and innovation within these institutions. 

A strong advocate of partnership between business and government, Julianne is forging stronger business engagement at all levels of government and within APEC, G20 and OECD.

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