Our Team
The Hon Dr Craig Emerson

Dr Craig Emerson is an eminent economist, holding a PhD in economics from the Australian National University, with 35 years of experience in public policy, politics and public service. 


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Program Director
Ms Bonnie

Bonnie has extensive experience in education, policy, strategy, inclusion and equity across APEC, and uses this to manage the implementation of capacity building training programs, research and other centre activities.


Contact Bonnie for:

Capacity building, contract management, finance and operations, and relationship management


03 9925 1159

Program Director
Ms Briony

With extensive experience working in the APEC and ABAC fora since 2011, Briony is responsible for the management, development and implementation of training programs, symposiums, conferences and other centre activities.

Contact Briony for:

ABAC, research and projects


03 9925 1073

ABAC Australia Lead Staffer and Consultant to the AASC 
Ms Lisa Barker

Lisa is a lawyer with extensive trade, international law and policy experience across the Asia Pacific, and has provided ABAC Australia secretariat services for over 9 years in total.

Contact Lisa for:

All ABAC related issues and work


0408 605 508

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Professor of Economics at RMIT's International Trade and Development Research Group, and Principal Research Fellow at the AASC
Professor Alberto

Alberto is a Professor of Economics at the International Trade and Development Research Group at RMIT. He specialises in generating evidence based policy advice to developing countries in areas such as labour economics, development and international trade.

Contact Alberto for:



03 9925 5669

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Deputy Dean, International, in RMIT’s School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, and Principal Research Fellow at the AASC
Professor Christopher Ziguras

Chris is a Professor in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT. He specialises in research exploring varied aspects of the globalisation of education, including cross border higher education.

Contact Christopher for: Research and trade in education services


03 9925 2501

Ms Kristen
Senior Trade Specialist

Kristen is a senior trade specialist to the Centre on trade policy and regional trade agreements, specialising in trade in services and regulation. She has over 15 years experience consulting to business and governments in Asia Pacific.

Contact Kristen for:

International trade policy and agreements


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Senior Advisor Projects

Roslyn is focused on delivering capacity building workshops and related events for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, having joined the team in April 2017.

Contact Roslyn for:

DFAT projects, Women's Fellowship, finance and administration


03 9925 1075

Senior Advisor, Research and Projects (Acting)
Ms Sally
Parkes McClay

Sally provides research and communication support, and assists in the delivery of workshops and events.

Contact Sally for:

ABAC, research and projects


03 9925 1088

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Ms Jennilyn Mann 
Executive Assistant to the Director

Jennilyn joined the Centre in 2020, having worked in other capacities for Dr Emerson for over 21 years. These included as an Electorate Officer, and in the Trade Minister's Office, the Travel Advisor. For the last seven years she has been a remote Executive Assistant.

Contact Jennilyn for:

Any director related issues


Reporting and
Monitoring Analyst
Mr. Joaquin (Jack) Gelvezon

Jack joined the Centre

in July 2011, and primarily focuses on the monitoring and evaluation of the centre’s work.

Contact Jack for:

Monitoring and evaluation


03 9925 1088

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Administrative Officer

Kevin provides administrative support for centre activities, including finance and the website.

Contact Kevin for:

Finance, website and administration



03 9925 5464

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Communications and
Research Assistant

Rachel coordinates the Centre's social media communications and provides executive and project support for centre activities.

Contact Rachel for:

Centre communications, research and administrative activities


03 9925 7691