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APEC-Australia Women in Research
Fellowship 2022
Dr. Alice Chuah
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Economy: Malaysia

Host Institution: Monash University Australia

Project Title: Development of wearable glucose-sensing smart delivery nano-insulin patch

Project Outline:

This research advances the development of drug delivery using nanotechnology. Combining insulin nanoformulation and nanostructured biosensors brings insulin delivery a step closer to needle-free and easy administration. The on-demand insulin release in response to glucose detection translates to enhanced glucose control and better patient prognosis. Successful development of the multifunctional microneedle patch enables simultaneous glucose sensing and insulin release, providing a pain-free and fuss-free solution to diabetic patients that can potentially change their lives.

Reasons for applying for fellowship:

Through this international research, I hope to acquire new skills and pick up cutting-edge technology in nanomedicine. This programme presents a valuable opportunity to establish new collaboration, build networks and access to resources to boost my research capabilities and skills. Accessing the latest technology, infrastructure and skillsets would enhance my competency and support my career advancement to the next level.

Past Achievements:

Alice began her academic journey in 2013. Throughout her career, she has secured a total research fundings of RM 2.99 million from diverse sources, including government, industry and university. She has published 42 papers, and 2 book chapters, and filed for 3 patents. Her research has won her a total of 3 international and national invention awards, including 2 gold and 1 diamond award. Alice is currently serving as an associate editor in a Q1 journal Frontiers in Pharmacology, hosting a special topic on “Women in Nanomedicine”, and an academic editor in PLOS One journal. She has been appointed as Focus Group Leader in the Malaysian Chapter of Controlled Release Society, the largest organisation in the research field of drug delivery. Alice has participated and presented in 29 conferences, winning 4 best poster presentation awards. Her expertise in her research area has also led to invitations as speakers in 7 seminars and workshops; and panel judges for 3 conferences.

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