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Dr Endah Triastuti

This project aims to produce recommendations for interventions enhancing rural women's ICT literacies and improving their livelihoods.

Economy: Indonesia

Partnering Australian Institution: Queensland University of Technology

Project Title: Gender, ICTs and Rural livelihoods: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities from Indonesian Women's Engagement in ICTs.

Endah Triastuti.jpg

Project Outline:

This study will use mixed approach for data collection. It will produce the ethnographic data as well as quantitative data needed to form recommendations for interventions enhancing rural women's ICT literacies and improving their livelihoods. The project will produce detailed communicative practices of women in remote villages, and produce detailed data on the qualities and qualifications of their engagements with ICTs according to women's informatisation and development index.

Applied for fellowship:

"It has come to my knowledge that the ICT in Indonesia has been understood and practiced differently across gender, culture, and regions. Unfortunately, our government has little insight into gender mainstreaming approach in ICT and development. My aim is to deliver a small scale preliminary study for women and ICT in rural areas to encourage our government enhancing gender mainstreaming in ICT development".

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