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APEC-Australia Women in Research
Fellowship 2023
Dr Evi Aprianti
Evi Aprianti 2

Home Economy: Indonesia

Host Institution: La Trobe University


Project Title: Exploring some of the challenges and identifying opportunities to attract and retain women in the transportation construction sector in Indonesia and Australia



Project Outline: The survey will identify the factors that attract women to seek employment in this sector and their views on advancing women in the workplace. This information will allow stakeholders to design initiatives to promote the advantages and benefits of employment, and to address the concerns or constraints to wider female participation. A semi-structured interview with

women in employment in the sector will focus on their career progression to identify initiatives to retain women employees and to address their aspirations for career development, more flexible working arrangements, or to eliminate discriminatory or sexist practices. In addition, we will also seek out successful women in this sector and aim to them as role models for the young to emulate.

Reasons for applying for fellowship: To expand my personal and professional network, become more adaptable and flexible. Fellowships will expose to invaluable professional networks. Professional fellowships exist for the specific purpose of introducing a new generation of professionals to established leaders in the construction and STEM fields.


Past Achievements: 

  • In 2022, I completed a study on the participation of Women in the South Sulawesi construction industry which made me keen to expand the research to build a track record of research and publications in this area, and to transfer this important research interest to increase women’s participation in STEM fields in Indonesia.

  • I have built networks with other institutions of higher learning and relevant government agencies during the previous study and plan to leverage on these networks to further develop a strong gender mainstreaming approach to STEM careers.

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