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APEC-Australia Women in Research
Fellowship 2022
Dr. Ivy Chung

Economy: Malaysia

Host Institution: The University of Melbourne

Project Title: Stool microRNAs as biomarkers for detection of colorectal cancer in highly susceptible obese patients

Project Outline:

Through this fellowship, I want to take the opportunity to deep dive into some of these techniques under a well-established expert, Associate Professor Dr Kim-Anh Le Cao at the University of Melbourne. Specific research objectives are to identify cancer-associated fecal miRNA profiles and to determine the metagenomic profiles of gut microbiota, that are associated with high-risk obese subjects with colorectalcancer. Under Dr Le Cao's guidance, I will:

  1. establish some strong foundation in bioinformatics and statistical modelling;

  2. apply the right analytical tools to derive leads from the microRNA and metagenome datasets, and

  3. validate the findings using the publicly available datasets. Findings from these analyses will guide the direction of the validation study using selected microRNAs and metagenomes in a larger set of sample sizes.


A more comprehensive analysis can be performed with the inclusion of other clinical data such as demographics, anthropometric and tumour profiles. These findings will be published in peer-review journals.

Reasons for applying for fellowship:

I aim to explore applying bioinformatic skills in microRNA analysis, through a new collaborative partnership.

Past Achievements:

• 2021 Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Trainer Award

• 2020 Malaysian Ministry of Education University Leaders Entrepreneurial Educators

• 2020 Universiti Malaya Excellent Service Award

• 2018 Universiti Malaya Outstanding Lecturer Award (Science & Technology)

• 2017 Malaysian Ministry of Education CEO@Faculty 2.0 Fellowship

Email address:

LinkedIn URL:

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