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APEC-Australia Women in Research
Fellowship 2023
Dr Lin Wang
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Home Economy: People's Republic of China

Host Institution: University of Tasmania, Australian Maritime College


Project Title: A comparative analysis of low-carbon policies for promoting green agricultural products supply chains in Australia and China


Project Outline: With global climate change, governments around the world are formulating policies to protect the environment. How its policy promotes the development of green agricultural products supply chains(GAPSC) is an important topic. This project aims to identify policies mechanism for promoting GAPSC in Australia. Theoretical and

comparative analytical investigation will be used to reveal the role of policies. The results are expected to improve the efficiency of policy formulation and make profound contributions to environmental protection and sustainable development of Australia 's agricultural economy.

Reasons for applying for fellowship:

  1. This fellowship will provide me with the opportunity to enhance my professional knowledge and expose me to cutting-edge science and advanced technology.

  2. The fellowship will promote my career development by enhancing my academic research capabilities and expanding my research network.

  3. International research experience will help me acquire advanced STEM cases, embed them into my teaching work at Hunan Women's University, and broaden my student's horizons.

  4. By strengthening research cooperation between both countries, effective policies and practical experiences will be learned from each other, which will provide new ideas for green and low-carbon development of agricultural products supply chains.


Past Achievements: I obtained my doctoral degree from Nankai University in 2010. I have 14 years of teaching experience in the STEM field. I have led 16 research and teaching reform projects, published 15 papers, and received the following achievements:

  • Visiting scholar for young backbone teachers supported by Ministry of Education of China in 2018;

  • Visiting scholar at University of Tasmania supported by China Scholarship Council in 2022;

  • Expert in Hunan Institute for Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality;

  • Expert in Emergency Logistics Management of Hunan Province.

Email Address:


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