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APEC-Australia Women in Research
Fellowship 2022
Dr. Minh Thuy Le
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Economy: Vietnam

Host Institution: School of Electrical and Data Engineer, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Sydney.

Project Title: Self-powered Underground Soil Moisture Sensor for Wireless Underground Sensor Network-based Precision Agriculture (SUPA)

Project Outline:

The expected product of this project will be a WUSN prototype for demonstration. One international journal publication is also expected from this fellowship. There will also be significant follow-on outcomes beyond this short-term fellowship as I will further expand the capability of the proposed WUSN to include more sensing parameters related to soil and water quality for agriculture production. Through my current industry network and UTS Rapido Vietnam, the commercialisation of my proposed WUSN technology can be expected.

Reasons for applying for fellowship:

This project opens the opportunity for me, a Vietnamese researcher, to exchange and enhance international

collaboration with a well-known group of Prof. Eryk Dutkiewicz from UTS. I believe that we can contribute to the pioneering IoT-based self-powered underground soil's moisture sensor for precision agriculture that can be implemented for agriculture applications both in Vietnam and Australia. High-tech agriculture and digital transformation are two key areas of strategic cooperation between the two countries, according to the “Australia-Vietnam enhanced economic engagement strategy 2021-2025”. The outcome of this project will be the first step to contributing to this strategy. Currently, I am leading a Radio Frequency research team that consists of more than 30 talented students at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST). I hope that this project will give my students an opportunity for further collaboration, including student exchanges between HUST and UTS and participation in the existing Joint PhD Program between HUST and UTS.

Past Achievements:

I have developed expertise in antennas and radio frequency circuit backgrounds and the fundamentals of wireless communication devices. Since returning to Vietnam (2013), I have led 4 projects and participated in 3 projects related to antennas, Radio Frequency energy harvesting, self-pow,ered sensor, energy harvesting and wireless power transfer fields. These projects have resulted in 30 journal and 33 conference publications and I am the first and/or corresponding author of 48 papers. According to Google scholar, my work has been cited 312 times with an h-index of 10. I have won several research awards, examples include:

  • 2020 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications

  • IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference

  • 2020 National Conference on Electronics, Communications and Information Technology and

  • 2021 International Conference on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems

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