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APEC-Australia Women in Research
Fellowship 2023
Dr Mo Zhu
Mo Zhu.png

Home Economy: People’s Republic of China

Host Institution: La Trobe Business School


Project Title: Study on modelling and optimization of shipping companies' carbon reduction strategies under cap-and-trade system



Project Outline:

This research proposal aims to model shipping companies’ optimal carbon reduction and allowance trading decisions under cap-and-trade (C&T) system, to investigate the impact of C&T system on shipping companies’ green behaviors with several business scenarios. 

The proposal is planned to be structured as follows:

  • Section 1 reviews the existing literature on the application of C&T mechanism in shipping industry.

  • Section 2 presents the optimal carbon reduction decision problem in maritime shipping and formulates an optimization model.

  • Section 3 does a further sensitivity analysis of a real-world case study.

  • And section 4 draws conclusions and strategy implications

Reasons for applying for fellowship: As my research concentrates on fleet programming with traditional solution approaches such as optimization, while Dr. Bill Du (primary supervisor) and Associate Professor Sean Arisian (co-supervisor) have strong expertise in emerging approaches e.g., machine learning with a thorough knowledge on green fleet operation, they can support me with advanced algorithms. So, we can construct an ongoing collaboration with complementary specialties. Through the fellowship, I can work alongside talented professors to help me build my skills of mathematical modelling and solution. I believe this program can support my professional development both in research programs and papers, by connecting me to a dynamic, high-level academic network in Australia.


Past Achievements:

  • I have over 10 years of research experience in the field of maritime shipping modelling and optimization, particularly in green shipping. 

  • One of my studies have gained high academic reputation. In 2016, I participated in the comment paper ‘Pollution: Three steps to a green shipping industry’ that published in the globally renowned journal ‘Nature’ as the second author, which discussed the strategies by the industry in collaboration with regulators, port authorities and communities to achieve the green shipping goals. With 117 citations, this paper won the second prize of the 14th Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement. 

  • 15 papers that related to the topic focused on green shipping optimization have been published during my research career, and I was the first author on 11 of them. 

  • My Scopus H-index is 7 with 246 citations. 

  • I have also led 3 research projects focused on shipping management. 

  • Appointed as Visiting Scholar at Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada in 2014-2015, I have received a full scholarship.

Email Address:

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