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Dr Paula Andrea Fernandez Arias

This project aims to use the 2008 Abortion Law Reforms in Victoria as a case study for abortion rights in other nations.

Economy: Chile

Partnering Australian Institution: The Social Work Department, Faculty of Medicine, Monash University

Project Title: Abortion Law Reform in Victoria: A Case Study

Paula Fernandez Arias.jpg

Project Outline:

In the current context reproductive rights seem to be under threat. This is not the case in Victoria, Australia where the 2008 Abortion Law Reforms managed to secure abortion in the face of increasing backlash from conservatives. This case study might hold clues for nations yet to develop sound reproductive rights of their own.

Reasons for applying for fellowship:

I decided to apply not only because this was an excellent opportunity to do on-site research on a case study I am particularly interested in. I applied to the fellowship because it recognises the valuable contributions women make to global research.

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