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Dr Qin Zhou

This project aims to improve healthcare in China, by evaluating Australian social security systems in relation to health, welfare, cost, healthcare utilisation & behaviours among different populations.

Economy: China

Partnering Australian Institution: Australian National University

Project Title: Social security systems in relation to health status, healthcare cost and utilisation, and health behaviours among different populations.

Qin Zhou.jpg

Project Outline:

Qin Zhou's project aims to estimate the effect of social security systems on health status and behaviour, healthcare cost and utilisation among different populations in Australia.

Applied for fellowship:

"I believe this fellowship will provide great opportunities for me to advance my research career and establish a bilateral research network. I will gain extensive knowledge from Australia, which I wish to translate into China's setting."

Past Achievements:

Dr. Zhou Qin completed her PhD training in the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in China. After a two-year postdoctoral research at the Peking University, she joined University of International Business and Economics as an associate professor. Dr. Zhou's expertise specialised in Health Economics. She has published widely in Health Economics with strong quantitative methodology, including 20 peer-reviewed journal papers. These empirical data driven evidence contributes to inform the ongoing China's Healthcare Reform. Examples include the findings of the association between the Chinese National Health Insurance and economic burden of residents with severe illness were presented to policy makers in the State Council of China.

Dr. Zhou has participated in 11 research projects, including 5 as the principle investigators. Results in relation to inequity of social health insurance and healthcare utilisation were presented at various national conferences to advocate healthcare reform in China.

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