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APEC-Australia Women in Research
Fellowship 2023
Dr Ratna Sari Wijaya
Ratna Sari Wijaya.jpg

Home Economy: Indonesia

Host Institution: The Kirby Institute, University of New South Wales


Project Title: Understanding the role of complement protein (C3d) in antibody immune response during hepatitis C (HCV) infection.

Project Outline:

This proposal aims to investigate whether the host complement protein (C3d) level determines the presence of neutralization antibodies during HCV infection and, subsequently, impact on HCV infection clinical outcome and whether the complement protein (C3d) plays a part in developing broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) in HCV disease.

Three aims of this study:

  1. To investigate the complement protein profile of acute and chronic HCV infection,

  2. To understand the association between complement protein (C3d) concentration and the quality of the antibody response (isotype, neutralization capacity, and avidity) induced during HCV infection, and

  3. To determine the association between the C3d concentration and the breadth of memory B cells against HCV.

Reasons for applying for fellowship: This APEC-Australia Women in Research Fellowship will provide a valuable opportunity to learn and collaborate with Australian researchers and obtain innovative and up-to-date research techniques to enhance my research capabilities and skills and support my career advancement to the next level.


Past Achievements:

I received an Australia Awards Scholarship to pursue my PhD research study at the University of Sydney. After graduation, I authored and co-authored multiple publications on viral infectious diseases (hepatitis, SARS-CoV-2).

Email Address:

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