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APEC-Australia Women in Research
Fellowship 2023
Dr Reyna Berenice González González
Reyna Berenice Gonzalez Gonzalez.jpg

Home Economy: Mexico

Host Institution: Deakin University


Project Title: Sustainable fabrication of carbon dots and their application as nanobiocatalysts for water decontamination


Project Outline: The project aims to provide a feasible solution for wastewater treatment for large-scale exploitation; in addition, it is intended to generate novel and potentially patentable knowledge regarding the dual nature of nanobiocatalysts that can be extended to other areas of interest.


Reasons for applying for fellowship: I applied to this

fellowship because it provides recognition, opportunities, valuable connections, and a platform to encourage women in science.

Past Achievements:

  • Fellowship by Santander Universities for international research stay in Spain,

  • 2017 Santander Award for Business Innovation (XII Edition),

  • 2017 Dow-SISCA Award for Sustainable Innovation,

  • 40 JCR-quality scientific articles.

Email Address:


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