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APEC-Australia Women in Research
Fellowship 2023
Dr Thi Hai Hong Nguyen
Thi Hai Hong Nguyen.jpg

Home Economy: Viet Nam

Host Institution: CSIRO National Collections and Marine Infrastructure, Australian Tree Seed Centre


Project Title: Genetic resource conservation and development of highly threatened forest species



Project Outline:

The genetic resources of many forest tree species in the Asia-Pacific region are endangered due to over-exploitation, climate change and other anthropogenic risk factors. The objective of this project is to develop collaboratively an integrated conservation framework strategy for threatened Vietnamese tree species with staff from the CSIRO Australian Tree Seed Centre (ATSC) and the Forest Science Institute of South Vietnam (FSIS). The project outcomes expected are:

  1. significantly develop skills in applied conservation genetics applicable to tree species and interact with Australian colleagues working in the same space;

  2. develop a strategy framework for threatened tree species in Vietnam;

  3. strength the long-term institutional ties developed between CSIRO and FSIS.

Reasons for applying for fellowship: The research fellowship will provide me with great opportunities to advance my knowledge in the field of genetic resource conservation, work with professionals from reputable Australian research institutions, connect with international researchers, approach world-class facilities and develop a professional network to pave the way to the success of research collaborations.


Past Achievements: I have over 20 years of research experience in the field of plant science, led and been a key researcher of a number of research projects and 20 research papers published in international and Vietnamese journals, secured a number of research funds from government, industry and academic institutes. I received Vietnam government scholarships for Master in Germany and PhD in Sweden, Gunnar and Lillian Nicholson Graduate Fellowship to attend the PhD course of “Advanced quantitative genetics and breeding” in USA. I have participated and presented at six conferences, won one best presentation award.

Email Address:


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