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APEC-Australia Women in Research
Fellowship 2022
Dr. Yan-Qin Shen
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Economy: China

Host Institution: School of health and biomedical science, RMIT University

Project Title: The role of microglia and monocytes in gut homeostasis

Project Outline:

We will ablate microglia and monocytes either in adult or in postnatal day 14 rats (with appropriate controls) and assess the diversity and proportion of gut microbiota in each GI segment (stomach, ileum, colon). We will also assess disruptions to gut histology and immune cell balance. Our data will reveal the importance of these immune cells in the perinatal period for programming the gut microbiome long-term and will provide preliminary data for joint grant applications.

Reasons for applying for fellowship:

  1. To learn advanced and cutting-edge techniques in the study of microglia and monocytes from Professor Sarah Spencer.

  2. To promote the research activities of this field in China

  3. To build long-term collaborative relationships with a key Australian university


Past Achievements:

BBI impact award by Elsevier and Psychoneuroimmunology research society, 2022 most highly cited paper

Email address:

LinkedIn URL: 申延琴 | InCareer

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