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Online Course - Digital Credentials and the Mutual Recognition of Professional Services
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Course Purpose


The APEC Digital Credential and Mutual Recognition of Professional Services online course is designed to assist participants in:

  • building the capabilities and capacity to drive the acceleration of mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) within and between economies; and

  • to develop digital platforms that support more efficient mutual recognition practices.

The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge to:

  1. Explain the benefits of mutual recognition of credentials obtained in other economies

  2. Identify the steps needed to develop and implement mutual recognition of credentials

  3. Explain the benefits of using the digital environment to support mutual recognition of credentials

  4. Identify if, where, and how digitisation can be used to support mutual recognition processes

  5. Identify steps that can be taken within your own economy to support the use and digitisation of mutual recognition agreements

  6. Network with a broad range of other interested government and industry organisation officials involved in the development and implementation of mutual recognition agreements


Course Format


The online course requires the completion of three learning modules. These modules can be completed at your own pace. It usually takes approximately four to six hours to complete the online course. 

Participants will be presented with a certificate of completion after completing the course. 


Course Dates and Registering

The course will be made available from May 2022 for all participants who wish to register. Once you have submitted your details in the registration form, please wait 1-2 business days for access to the course to be given. You will be sent an email notification once you are enrolled in the course. Click the button below to be taken to the registration form.







If you have any issues accessing the course, please contact

This site provides an inventory of all known mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) on licensing, qualifications and accreditation of professionals and skilled service providers in APEC economies.

The inventory was funded by the Australian government and compiled during 2020 and 2021 by the Australian APEC Study Centre in collaboration with APEC economies.

For each agreement, the inventory includes:

  • the occupations covered

  • the economies involved

  • the agreement title

  • the year the agreement entered into force

  • a link to the competent authority in each economy

  • a link to application details for professional seeking recognition

  • a link to the agreement text, where available

  • an assessment of the level of recognition afforded by the agreement

For a quick guide on how to navigate the inventory, please click here. 

The inventory is intended to improve transparency and knowledge of the types of MRAs and similar agreements, including those that provide pathways to recognition. For individuals and firms, the inventory provides a simple means of identifying MRAs that could facilitate their work across borders. For governments and recognition bodies the inventory provides an overview of all of the agreements in place, which can assist in the prioritisation and development of future agreements as well as aiding in benchmarking current practice.

Brochure - APEC Inventory of Mutual Recognition Agreements for Professional Qualifications  and Licensure


A shareable brochure briefly outlining the uses of the inventory as well as how stakeholders and users can contribute is linked on the right. Please feel free to download and share this brochure within your networks. 

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