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MRA Resources

MRA Experiences, Impediments and Opportunities Study

Mutual Recognition Agreements for Professional Qualifications and Licensure in APEC: Experiences, Impediments and Opportunities

This study explores the broad trends that have characterized the development of mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) for professional qualifications, licensure, and registration in APEC economies. It involves the first systematic analysis of data in the APEC Inventory of Mutual Recognition Agreements for Professional Qualifications and Licensure. In addition, detailed investigation is undertaken in relation to four professions – engineers, architects, nurses, and dental practitioners – in order to better understand the different experience of MRA development in business services and healthcare services and to support future work across APEC on professional recognition.

MRA Toolkit

APEC has developed a new resource – the Mutual Recognition Agreements Toolkit – to provide practical guidance on the key issues and steps involved in developing mutual recognition arrangements (MRAs) of professional qualifications across the APEC region.


The Toolkit forms part of a broader APEC initiative of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, supported by The Australian APEC Study Centre, to facilitate the mobility of professionals by increasing the knowledge and utilisation of MRAs across APEC economies.


Designed for the benefit of practitioners and officials working towards mutual recognition, the Toolkit provides best practical examples of how to create and implement MRAs, how opportunities for mutual recognition have been realised and how barriers have been overcome to help make MRA-making and implementation in APEC more efficient and effective.

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