2015 Australia - APEC Women in Fellowship


Ten outstanding researchers with expertise across a range of disciplines were awarded fellowships in 2015.

Dr Anchalee Avihingsanon 

This project is designed to increase the screening, monitoring and treatment of HCV affected groups who have difficulty attaining services and treatment. 

Dr Bidhari Pidhatika 

This project aims to develop non-leaching polymeric antimicrobia1 coatings for polyurethane (PU)-finished leather designed to repel fungi.

Dr Hai Anh La

This project will map the network of financial interdependencies in Asia and produce new insights regarding the transmission of financial crises among Asian financial institutions.

Dr Maria Pythias Baradero Espino 

Fellowship judges were drawn to the critical need of Pythias's research in providing high quality water supplies to support rapidly expanding urban populations. 

Dr Martha Yahimbu Mungkaje 

This project aims to investigate the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of kinos extracts from Australian and Papua New Guinean Eucalyptus species.

Dr Nadia Silvana Santini Gonzalez

This research project will study how a range of iconic ground water dependent plant species respond to different drought scenarios to inform research and policy at regional and national levels.

Dr Reena Rajasuriar 

This research program will help identify genetic determinants of immune recovery in patients at greatest risk of poor immune reconstitution following antiretroviral therapy. 

Dr Rintis Noviyanti 

Rintis is a leading researcher in the study of malaria with expertise in pathogenesis. genomics, cell biology, and gene expression studies of malaria parasites. 

Dr Ying Shen

The proposed research project will examine the relationships between trade liberalisation, ISDS and climate change mitigation and explore the implications for the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Dr Zetty Norhana Balia Yusef

This work aims to screen, identify and isolate bioactive compounds exhibiting antioxidant and antibacterial activities from selected endemic marine micro- and macroalgae.