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Dr Ying Shen

The proposed research project will examine the relationships between trade liberalisation, ISDS and climate change mitigation and explore the implications for the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. 

Economy: P.R. China 

Partnering Australian Institution: Faculty of Law, Bond University

Project Title: Trade Liberalisation. Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) and Climate Change Mitigation: Implications for China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA)

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Project Outline:


Dr Ying Shen's project aims to provide suggestions for both promoting trade liberalization and taking measures to mitigate climate change in both China and Australia. 

Reasons for applying for fellowship:

As a female social science researcher, I expect to be involved in high calibre female research groups and networks to communicate with other successful academics on how to be a role model. I believe this fellowship will not only help broaden my research network but also improve my intercultural competence. 

Past Achievements:

Ying was an outstanding undergraduate student during her Bachelor of Laws Degree from Nanjing University, China. She was ranked 1st among all undergraduates at Nanjing University Law School. Her impressive results granted her direct entry into the top-ranked Double Master's Program in Law at Nanjing University and Georg-August-University of Gottingen, Germany which developed her  fluency in English and German. She wrote her Master thesis in German at Georg-August-University of Gottingen with the support of a full-ride DAAD scholarship.


Prior to completing her PhD, Ying had nine years of experience with both legal practice and research, primarily in the areas of environmental and comparative law. In recent years her research has focused on emissions reduction in the context of climate change.  

Ying, completed her Doctor of Philosophy - Law with funding from an Australian Postgraduate Award (International) at the University of Western Sydney. Her thesis was entitled 'China's Way to Carbon Emissions Reduction: The Choice of Regulatory Instruments and Its Legal Challenges'. This thesis has been accepted by Kluwer Law International to be published as a book. She also published 5 journal articles and 2 refereed conference papers during her PhD study.


Owing to her excellent performance during her PhD study, Ying was granted a merit-based award by the Chinese Government for the Most Outstanding Chinese PhD Students Abroad in the 2013 competition round. A referee of Ying described her as "an outstanding young researcher, her progress during the PhD study exceeded my expectations in all respects".  

Ying looks forward to further engaging in international research and promoting research collaboration between Nanjing University and Bond University. 

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