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Current Research
Our research outputs encourage debate and understanding between
governments, industry and academia to strive for positive change.

The RMIT University Graduate School of Business and Law (RMIT GSBL) along with the APEC Business Advisory Council of Papua New Guinea (ABAC PNG), the PNG APEC Study Centre and the Australian APEC Study Centre (AASC) produced a report on Human Resource Development (HRD) Challenges and Opportunities Arising from Digital and Innovation. 

The APEC Business Advisory Council of Papua New Guinea (ABAC PNG), the PNG APEC
Study Centre, the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub and the Australian APEC Study Centre (AASC) have produced a report that examines the nature of blockchain technology, and the role it can play in a development context. 

This article conducts the first multi-country study of the effect of microfinance on child mortality. The findings confirm that an increase in the proportion of MFI clients in a country is significantly associated with lower under-five and infant mortality rates.

​"Digital Entrepreneurship across the APEC Region - Assessing the needs of the region's digital start-ups" identifies issues for policy makers to inform endeavours to

grow digital entrepreneurship.

​Preferential trade agreements with

labour provisions and labour market outcomes: Evidence from Asia and

the Pacific (Labour Provisions in Asia-Pacific Free Trade Agreements Part II).

Using national representative household finance survey data from China, we construct a new multidimensional indicator for financial inclusion.

Microfinance enables poor women to engage in income-generating activities, which helps them become financially independent, strengthening their decision-making power within the household and society.

Child labour’s effect on
long-run earnings:
An analysis of cohorts

The nexus between child labour

and adult earnings is assessed

with Ecuadorian data.

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