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2018 Australia - APEC Women in Fellowship


Ten outstanding researchers with expertise across a range of disciplines were awarded fellowships in 2018.

Dakrong Pissuwan.jpg

Dr Dakrong Pissuwan


This project will focus on the development of nanomaterials to be used as a diagnostic tool for detection of pathogens or heavy metal.

Dinh Thi Thuy Ha.jpg

Dr Dinh Thi Thuy Ha

This research program will test a hypothesised model on the influence of health literacy and social support to one’s ability to self-manage in multi-morbid chronic diseases.

Dwinanti Rika Marthanty.jpg

Dr Dwinanti Rika Marthanty

This project aims to develop biophysical pathways for Indonesian cities to transition including flood mitigation strategies through infrastructure adaptation modelling, and urban designs scenarios at metro and local scales that integrate selected green infrastructures.

Bio photo.jpg

Dr Lena Le


The research program aims to explain the Vietnam strategic partnership in the Asia – Pacific region including its origins, developments and prospect.

Paula Fernandez Arias.jpg

Dr Paula Andrea Fernandez Arias

This project aims to use the 2008 Abortion Law Reforms in Victoria as a case study for abortion rights in other nations.


Dr Maria Amalia Pesantes

This project will involve studying the process of incorporating indigenous perspectives on health into the medical curricula in Australia and the key lessons learned from such process

Pham Thi Hong Lien.jpg

Dr Pham Thi Hong Lien

This project provided an understanding of the recent mangrove die-off in northern Australia and the resilience of mangrove ecosystems to extreme climate event using remote sensing data.

Sharifah Nabihah Syed Jaafar.jpg

Dr Sharifah Nabihah Syed Jaafar

This project will study the surface modifications of electro-sprayed PCL microspheres to improve their hydrophobic properties through chemical modifications.

Shin Ying Chu.jpg

Dr Shin Ying Chu

This project aims to create a stuttering health program for the Malaysian population.

Thi Thuy Hang Vu.jpg

Dr Thi Thuy Hang Vu

The project determined variation in salinity tolerance and protein levels in mungbean germplasm. The project also developed a protocol for quick screening plant materials for salinity tolerance through in-vitro culture.

Thu Diem Nguyen.JPG

Dr Thu Diem Nguyen

This research will build on the collection of Streptococcus isolates from Mekong farms at RIA2, sequence their genomes and analyse their microevolution in order to determine most prevalent types and identify potential conserved vaccine targets.

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