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2017 Australia - APEC Women in Fellowship


Ten outstanding researchers with expertise across a range of disciplines were awarded fellowships in 2017.

Cin Kong.jpg

Dr Cin Kong

This project aims to characterise novel anti-virulence molecule(s) that do not suppress bacteria growth but attenuate bacterial virulence, allowing the host natural immunity to clear the infection.

Endah Triastuti.jpg

Dr Endah Triastuti

This project aims to produce recommendations for interventions enhancing rural women's ICT literacies and improving their livelihoods.

Irene Strodthoff.jpg

Dr Irene Strodthoff

The project seeks to define ways in which institutions responsible for managing disasters, both in Chile and in Australia, not only understand and construct them, but also cope with their aftermath.

Joycelyn Pipike.jpg

Dr Joycelyn Pipike

This research explores the changing dynamics of women's roles and economic empowerment through their engagement in tourism entrepreneurships in Papua New Guinea.

Marienette Vega.JPG

Dr Marienette Morales Vega

This project aims to identify alternative solutions for testing water quality and remediation.

Mattaka Khongkow.jpg

Dr Mattaka Khongkow

This project involves the development of vaccine and new delivery systems for HPV candidates against cervical cancer.

Monica Borunda Pacheco.png

Dr Monica Borunda Pacheco

This project's goal is the construction of a decision maker model for the efficient use of energy depending on the available resources.

Qin Zhou.jpg

Dr Qin Zhou

This project aims to improve healthcare in China, by evaluating Australian social security systems in relation to health, welfare, cost, healthcare utilisation & behaviours among different populations.

Thi Bao Trang Nguyen.jpg

Dr Thi Bao Trang Nguyen 

This project investigates the difficulties Vietnamese returnees encounter in doing research in their work contexts and identifies differences between low and high output returnees and initiatives.

Yuning Huo.jpg

Professor Yuning Huo

This project is planned to develop novel photocatalyst in photocatalysis­membrane reactors to degrade the organic compounds with enhanced photocatalytic efficiency.

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