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APEC-Australia Women in Research
Fellowship 2023
Dr Nantana Nuchtavorn
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Home Economy: Thailand

Host Institution: Drug Delivery, Disposition, and Dynamics, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University


Project Title: Developing a cost-effective, portable, and user-friendly wearable devices for real-time monitoring of AED concentrations



Project Outline: The project aims to develop wearable devices for real-time monitoring of antiepileptic drug (AED) concentrations, which are essential for ensuring effective treatment. These devices will incorporate distance-based paper microfluidic devices (DμPADs) to achieve on-device quantification without requiring extra scientific instrumentation. Subsequently, a 3D-printed cassette will be integrated to assemble microneedles, which have the capability to absorb significant amounts of dermal interstitial fluid, onto the sample introduction zone of the DμPADs. This configuration will enable minimally invasive sampling and on-device sensing of AEDs from ISF, thereby facilitating treatment optimization based on individual therapeutic concentrations. The method would enhance the applications in the bioanalytical areas particularly point-of-care diagnostics in self-administrable.

Reasons for applying for fellowship: I would like to pursue this fellowship as part of advanced research initiatives and to enhance links between Thailand and Australia through mobility programs. This fellowship aligns perfectly with my goals to acquire new skills and gain access to cutting-edge technology resources for developing point-of-care testing devices. Moreover, I hope this international collaboration will lead to corresponding mobility opportunities for my colleagues and students.


Past Achievements: 

  • In 2014 I was awarded an Australian Government Endeavour Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

  •  In 2019 I was a visiting researcher at the Institute of Analytical Chemistry of the CAS, Brno, Czech Republic

  • In 2021 I received an early career travel grant for the prestigious Pacifichem conference 

  • I have successfully secured several domestic funding opportunities and industry support for projects related to green sample preparation and miniaturized analytical platforms, resulting in patents and high-impact publications in Q1 journals

  • I contributed to a USAID-supported project aimed at improving medical product quality assurance in ASEAN and South Asia

  • Currently, I serve as the Director of the Regulatory Science MSc program

Email Address:


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