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Thio Wina Oktavia

Business Name: PT Cocoon Karya Kreasi (Cocoon Production)

Business Website:

Business Sector: Entertainment (Animation, Comics & Games)

What do you think of the APEC Women’s Business Activator program?

I am Wina Oktavia, the founder and CEO of Cocoon Production, a small women-owned webtoon production studio based in Indonesia. I joined the APEC Women's 

Business Activator Program because I wanted to learn how to grow my business globally and access new markets for my creative products.

The program has been very helpful and inspiring so far. I have learned a lot from the online capacity building content and the tailored mentoring sessions. I have also connected with other women entrepreneurs from different APEC economies and exchanged ideas and experiences with them.

My goal is to expand my audience and reach new customers in different regions and cultures. I believe that storytelling is a powerful way to communicate identities, morals, and experiences, and I want to share my stories with the world. I also want to help other women creators in Indonesia to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this program, and I look forward to the final outcome. I hope that this program will continue to support women-led businesses in APEC and beyond.

Nevi Rahmawati

Nevi Rahmawati.jpg

Business Name: CV Mendong Jaya

Business Website:

Business Sector: Home Decor, Hospitality Accessories & Craft

What do you think of the APEC Women’s Business Activator program?

For the first time joining this program I want to learn about international market and how to 

make a strategic plan to enter the market. I also want to connect with other business owner. Through this program, I learn, connect with other business owner. The lesson that impacted on me is we have to know our customer better than they do. This principle i implement to product I design.

Yosephine Erliani Onie

Business Name: VITE Jewellery

Business Website:

Business Sector: Jewellery Silver & Crafts

What do you think of the APEC Women’s Business Activator program?

So far, my experience with the APEC Women Business Activator program has exceeded my expectations. The program has provided a comprehensive platform for women entrepreneurs, offering valuable insights, resources, and networking opportunities.


The sessions have been exceptionally well-curated, addressing key challenges faced by women in business and providing practical solutions. The speaker and mentor has been teaching us a valuable material for how to expand our markets. I appreciate the program's commitment to fostering a supportive community and empowering women to thrive in the business world. Overall, the APEC Women Business Activator program has been instrumental in enhancing my skills, expanding my network, and equipping me with the tools needed for sustainable business growth.

Syanaz Nadya Winanto Putri    


Business Name: rorokenes (CV Janitra Abadi Berkah)

Business Website:

Business Sector: Craft Manufacturing

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