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Papua New Guinea

Martina Yauieb

Business Name: GREF PNG Ltd.

Business Website: www.gref.png

Business Sector: Real Estate Property Technology

Jenny Wal Gonapa

Business Name: PNG Highlands Adventures

Business Website:

Business Sector: Tourism, Arts, Culture

What do you think of the APEC Women’s Business Activator program?

My expectations from this program would be to learn how to increase our market sales and increase international sales and Exports on Tourism, Arts & Craft industry, Niche Coffee Markets and increase online sales and marketing.

Our Business is mainly promoting Tourism and Destinations in Papua New Guinea in arts, Culture, Trekking, bird Watching, Diving, Cultural Festivals and sightseeing. Our achievement in our operations is been funded by EU ACUP SPC Cultural Grants of Euro64800 to promote and increase Art, Culture and markets in 2022 - 2023 and extended ro 2024 April.

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