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Claudia Maritza Akamine Serpa

Business Name: Tumi Robotics

Business Website:

Business Sector: Robotics & AI

We would like to access international markets because we have 8 mining clients using our technology that combines Robots & A. I for inspection, digitization and diagnosis of critical infrastructure. We are ready to expand the business internationally, this year we are going to expand first to Chile, because it is a mining country close to Peru, where there are several corporations such as BHP, which are also in Australia and Canada, mining countries as well.


Karla Alenjandra Quevedo Rivera

Business Name: EduExperts

Business Website:

Business Sector: International Education Consulting

We would like to access international markets because international markets are challenging and from experience now I can state that it's important to be part of the market your new market to analyse and understand it and how do people will buy your product or service.

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