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Viet Nam

Linh Dang Huyen

Business Name: CTH Soft.

Business Website:

Business Sector: Quaternary (Software)

We would like to access international markets because learning vocabulary is a popular need of users who are acquiring a new language. Our app can serve that need very well, no matter in which country the users are.


Nu Xuan Quyen Ton

Business Name: BLUSAIGON Corporation

Business Website:

Business Sector: Vietnamese Handicraft

We would like to access international markets because I aspire to access international markets because I think it would be a strategic move that would help the business grow and succeed in the long term, such as: The business can showcase the essence of Vietnamese culture to global customers and stakeholders. It can help the brand build a positive image and reputation. While also fostering the establishment of new partnerships and collaborations. Moreover, it opens avenues to embrace fresh sources of revenue and expand the market presence.


Trang Huyen Tran

Business Name: Entaid International Corporation Ltd.

Business Website: 

Business Sector: Trading, Import & Export, Manufacturing

We would like to access international markets because as we all know, Vietnam has emerged as a prominent manufacturing hub, attracting both local and global companies. The country enjoys political stability, peace, and support from influential nations through strategic partnerships. Given these favourable conditions, Vietnam possesses tremendous potential at this opportune moment. It is crucial for us, the Vietnamese people, to recognize and cherish this potential, as failure to do so would deprive future generations of the benefits we can now contribute to Vietnam's development. In my opinion, one of the most effective means to contribute to Vietnam's development is by engaging in accessing the international markets and facilitating the transfer of technology and knowledge.

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