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Viet Nam

Linh Dang Huyen

Business Name: CTH Soft.

Business Website:

Business Sector: Quaternary (Software)

What do you think of the APEC Women’s Business Activator program?

APEC Women’s Business Activator is a remarkable program, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of it. Joining this program, my expectations include:


- Acquire essential knowledge from experienced instructors for our global market strategy.
- Learn best practices and experiences from my cohort.
- Connect with partners from different countries for international collaboration.


Having participated in the three workshops facilitated by Cynthia, I'm impressed with how well the program is designed. It gives a clear learning path with both the big picture and detailed insights at every step. Moreover, the mentoring workshops offer essential support, addressing specific issues relevant to each participant's business in detail.

Quyen Nu Xuan Ton

Business Name: BLUSAIGON Corporation

Business Website:

Business Sector: Vietnamese Handicraft

What do you think of the APEC Women’s Business Activator program?

The program has been fantastic, featuring great instructors and well-designed slides. Communication is clear, professional, and easy to understand.  Learning from both instructors and peers, along with the program's organization, enhances my thinking and planning process.  I am grateful to be accepted and involved in this meaningful program.

Trang Huyen Tran

Business Name: Entaid International Corporation Ltd.

Business Website: 

Business Sector: Trading, Import & Export, Manufacturing

What do you think of the APEC Women’s Business Activator program?

It has been an honour to be able to participate in this program. I've had a chance to learn so many new things that I have not known before such as:

(1) Assessing my current business model, understanding my unique SWOT and creating an international strategy streamliner;

(2) Targeting the right feasible market with the right vision, plans, strategies, avatars;

(3) Research tools and methods

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